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Quick Start

The fastest way to get up and running collecting and organizing your thoughts is RamSync. This quick start guide will highlight the key features, as quickly as possible, to ensure you have all the tools at your fingertips! Ready? Set? Go!

If you haven’t signed up already, see our guide on Creating an Account!


Collections are groups of notes. Self-contained, Collections can be shared with others for better collaboration.

The (+) in the top right adds a new collection.

Adding new collections is fast and easy
Add a new Collection with the (+) in the top right of the home page


Where the magic happens. Thoughts, musings, ideas, and topics.

Notes should be stand-alone topics, self contained. No two Notes can share the same Title in one Collection. Note length is currently capped at 20480 characters of HTML text.

The (+) in the top right adds a new note.

Adding new notes is fast and easy
Add a new Note with the (+) in the top right of a collection

@ Connections

The secrete sauce. Ideas need to be connected to other ideas. This is where creativity flourishes and learning happens.

Any note can be connected to another idea by typing “@”, followed by the Note title.

Add descriptions to a connection to unleash even more power and take your Zettelkasten to the next level. These descriptions appear on the Graph view, improving mind maps and diagrams.

Type @ and a Note title to make a connection. Fast and easy with RamSync!
Type @ and a Note title to make a connection. Fast and easy with RamSync!
Connections turn notes into Mind Maps and Zettelkastens with RamSync
Connections turn notes into Mind Maps and Zettelkastens with RamSync

@@ Bi-Directional Connections/Backlinks

Backlinks, or Bi-directional connections are a snap in RamSync! No need to even open both notes.

Simply type “@@” and the referenced note. RamSync will automatically create connections in both notes!

Remember, a single “@” makes one connection. Two “@@” makes two connections, one in each direction! Once created, update either connection independently for complete flexibility.

RamSync Backlinks, or Bi-directional links are a snap!
A Bi-directional connection in NoteA automatically creates a connection in NoteB!


#Tags, a note organization superpower! Perfect for Note keywords and categories.

Use a standard “#” to create a hashtag, or assign one to any note. Then hit “enter” to lock in the tag!

Hashtags are easily searched, and show up on the front of tile view of Notes for faster organization.

#Hashtags are easy with RamSync.
RamSync makes #hashtags easy! Find and filter Notes by tags for more organization.

@@@ Embedded Notes

Some things go together, like sandy beaches and sun. Or mitochondria and the powerhouse of a cell. In these cases, embedding one Note inside of another just makes sense.

Embed one note in another keeps ideas structured, organized, and ensures each topic relates to other topics perfectly, every time.

To embed a Note, type “@@@” and the Note title, RamSync does the rest.

There is no limit to the number of embedded Notes, or how many times a single note can be referenced in other Notes.

Embed one idea in another with RamSync.
Embed Notes in another Note: keeps ideas together and organized

Chaining Notes

When one Note has a Connection to another note, Chaining becomes possible!

Click the chevron on the top right of a Note tile to show all connected notes. Revert back to the Note tile grid view by selecting the breaking chain icon.

Find related ideas faster than ever. This is the essence of creativity!
What thought leads to what? See how ideas flow with RamSync

Graph View/Mind Maps

Create powerful automatic mind maps with the graph view! Turn a collection of notes into a knowledge graph instantly, and then structure with pre-built mathematical views, or modify any arrangement to fit your needs.

Select the graph icon in the top right of a collection to open Graph View

Once the graph is perfect, easily download a PNG.

The fastest mind mapping tool ever!
Automatic Mind Map builder
So much graph math, so little time. . . . Automatically turn Notes into Mind Maps with RamSync
Automatically turn Notes into Mind Maps with RamSync


Organization at your fingertips! Easily find and filter notes based on icons and colors.

Add up to 3 colors to any note. The first color is the color that appears in Graph View.

Add a star to the any Note to have it automatically sort to the top of the Collection. This is recommended for Foundation Notes; these Notes often make up the key structures of any Collection and are Connected to many other Notes.

You know you want to make those colors pop!
Colors and Icons for more organization power!
Colors offer a powerful organization tool in RamSync.
Colors add depth and more organization.

Sharing Collections

More brains are better than one! Easily share entire collections to unleash the power of teamwork.

Owner: The individual in charge of a Collection, full permissions. Only one owner is possible per collection.

Editor: Full collection permissions.

Viewer: Can look, but cannot make any updates or edits.

The best ideas involve others! Collaborate like a researcher with RamSync.
Collaborate like a researcher with RamSync.

Night Mode

Sometimes we all like a little change. Try the Night Mode (aka Dark Mode) view in RamSync!

Open the left menu and select the toggle. Enjoy!

However you like it. Enjoy your notes.
Options, options are good said Dr. Christina Lommatsch
Night mode, because, yes.
Night Mode unleashed!

Export Your Collection (pending)

We believe your Notes belong to you, and you should always have access to your ideas.

Download an entire collection by opening the left-menu and clicking “Download Collection.”

The TXT file will have all of your notes in JSON format. Perfect for backups.

Your notes are yours, which means you can download them at any time.
Exporting your notes is fast and easy

Bulk Note Creation

RamSync is the first tool (that we know of) to allow the bulk creation of connected notes and Mind Maps from a CSV file! It is the fastest way to start building knowledge structures.

Simply upload the file then start to add note text, icons, colors and #hashtags to optimize your Collection.

Find out just how easy it is here.

RamSync bulk upload tool is the fastest way to make a mind map or knowledge graph!
RamSync bulk upload tool is the fastest way to make a mind map or knowledge graph!

Learn More

Hungry for more? Interested in the how to structure your Notes to connect thoughts and learn faster? Check out Dr. Christina’s Ontology of RamSync Notes blog post!

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