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  • Your Data Your Way: Seriously, It’s Yours with RamSync
    At RamSynce we believe you own your data. We don’t read your notes or sell your data. You have full control over what is kept and deleted.
  • Staying Motivated to Study: Easily Build Your Success This Year!
    Studying takes time, effort, and motivation. However, with the following 11 tips, you can stay motivated and study more effectively. Study smarter, so you can study harder. Ready for some study motivation? You’ve got this! 1: Keep it interesting Connect ideas to what you already know. It is much harder, and much less interesting to…
  • 8 Professor Tips to Succeed in Remote Classes
    As classes begin around the world and remote learning becomes the norm, we want to wish everyone an awesome school year, and drop some helpful “Prof Tips” to help ensure you rock each and every one of your remote classes.
  • How to Succeed this School Year: The Hidden Curriculum of Successful Studying
    Ready or not, a new school year is upon us. New challenges and more importantly, new opportunities await! We love learning new things, but sometimes with classes and life there is just too much to do, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. For Better Grades and Less Time Studying, A Note System is…
Graph Traversal Algorithms: Finding Your Missing Connections with Math
How To
Graph Traversal Algorithms: Finding Your Missing Connections with Math

Graphs are great! They quickly show groups of nodes (or Notes in RamSync) and connections. Such visualizations are a powerful tool for learning and analytics. However, the more notes and connections in your graph, the more difficult it is to quickly spot the key insights from your graphs. As graphs grow in size and complexity…

RamSync helps you see what you already know!
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RamSync: A Professor’s Guide to Structuring Better Notes

“Ideas are simply networks of other ideas” Steven Johnson: How We got to now The RamSync note platform is the most flexible and powerful anywhere. Dr. Christina Lommatsch believes this versatility is key for both researchers and students to take better notes. To take notes like a professor, Dr. Lommatsch recommends sparing a thought or…

Thinking is hard, but the right process will help.
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Bookmarking Websites: The 1990s Called Saying “Time to Upgrade!”

Bookmarking a website started out as a great idea, especially in the days pre-Google. Saving a source of information for later: the concept is sound. However, now bookmark lists in a browser read like a early-years AOL link list: outdated, difficult to search, and impossible to keep organized! This means bookmarks are often lost and…

Improve productivity though Pomodoro time management
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Time to Increase Your Productivity: Introducing the Pomodoro Technique

Turbocharge your productivity with easy to implement time management tools and tips from Dr. Lommatsch. Find out how, and what to prioritize.

Unfortunately, most individuals’ time management processes clashes with natural biology instead of working seamlessly to maximize productivity and reduce burnout. In this article we are going to look at a better time management system, the practical steps to implement, and the thought process to break down large projects and chose the right tasks.

Fonts for Efficiency: There’s a New Serif in Town
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Fonts for Efficiency: There’s a New Serif in Town

From ancient cave drawings to flashing billboards, humans love leaving their creative mark. Written communications, they’ve been the rage for the last thousand plus years or so. The trick though is effective communication, in all forms. In writing this means efficiency, clarity, and of course using the right font! Wait, what do fonts have to…

Foundation Notes:  Better Notes to Manage Your Knowledge Structures
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Foundation Notes: Better Notes to Manage Your Knowledge Structures

Everything starts as an idea. From the most humble napkin drawings of sliced bread to modern graph databases, it all started with an idea. Inspiration. A key concept. While ideas are the spark of change, the right fuel must exist for the fire to grow. If an idea is to ever evolve past a stained…

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