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Notes, Connected

Research, learning, and life often create information overload. Notes are key to staying organized. Unfortunately most note systems are disorganized, clunky, and don’t support natural flows of networked thoughts.

RamSync is the first organizational platform designed to support the natural connections between thoughts and ideas. RamSync supports thought networks and non-linear note taking while providing structure and flexibility.

Organize and sort notes by color, #hashtag, icon, and relationship to other notes. Follow chains of connected notes, uncover distant connections, and structure complex concepts all in one place.

Simple and easy to use, RamSync requires no markup/markdown or coding. Turn Notes into a Zettlekasten, PARA system, or a Mind Map automatically.

We built RamSync on a graph database to enable dynamic and instantly reconfigurable note structures, moving beyond what is possible with other note platforms. Built with the power of a Graph Database, RamSync is the first intuitive digital Zettelkasten. Enjoy the benefits of a proven system with 21st century technology.

RamSync is the first intuitive note management system, designed to quickly build your personal knowledge database though connected thoughts.

Dr Christina Lommatsch
RamSync notes, show the important details!
RamSync Note tiles provide insights at a glance
Automatically build Mind Maps with RamSync.
RamSync graph view is detail-rich
Advanced graph algorithms at your fingertips

Easily export your visuals to a PNG file for easy sharing and display.

Check out the Quick Start guide to see just how easy it is!

Automatically Turn Notes into Mind Maps

Advanced graph algorithms quickly sort and arrange large numbers of notes into powerful visualizations.

Take control of your mind maps and adjust each icon individually, even after running a graph algorithm. The options are limitless!

RamSync offers many ways to interact with your ideas.
Connecting important thoughts has never been easier!

Think Note Cards, but Better!

If you’ve ever laid out a stack of note cards when studying, then you have all the skills needed to use RamSync! RamSync is the ultimate digitized note card system, ready to connect thoughts and ideas like never before.

Never lose a card, forget a connection, or run out of table space. Easily connect notes with descriptions, leverage bi-directional connections, add custom #hashtags, or embed notes (with block references!) for the ultimate knowledge and idea manager. It is practical transclusion to enrich your notes.

Go ahead, write some notes, organize your thoughts, structure a concept, or spark creativity; RamSync is for you!

With a complete rich text editor, copy in from Microsoft Office! No code or markdown needed. For those wishing to go deeper, RamSync offers HTML editing of notes as well.

RamSync a zettelkasten with a rich text editor!
Formatting is easy with RamSync

Traverse connected notes like a researcher and visualize relationships with automatic Mind Maps. Your knowledge management system awaits!

Tag, Flag, and Bag Ideas, like a Researcher

Built by Dr. Christina Lommatsch after trying all the other note taking platforms. RamSync came to life when she realized no other software was simple enough for her students, robust enough for research, or powerful enough for the modern world.

After a years of design work, research, and studying the latest graph database options and structures, she decided the world needed a better platform, a platform which leveraged technology to empower users. The result is RamSync, by researchers, for everyone!

Night/Dark or Day Mode: Good Choices

Night or Day Mode

Ideas wait for no one. With RamSync you can connect your ideas at any time, day or night, with modes for dark or bright.

Life is about connections

More Connections!

RamSync is all about connections, between notes, people, and ideas.

All of us at RamSync love connecting with other teams and platforms. If you have an idea for a connection, plugin, or partnership, send us a note!

Take your creativity to the next level with RamSync, your new second brain!

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