Connect, Organize, and Visualize Your

RamSync is the first intuitive knowledge management system, designed to quickly build your note database through connected thoughts and intelligent visualizations.


Automatically Create Mindmaps

Intelligent and custom layouts automatically take your connected notes from mindmaps and back again with one click. We use graph layout algorithms to help you discover trends and new connections.

Collaboration & Public Sharing

Collaborate with others to build interactive graph visualizations, or publish collections for the world to see! RamSync makes it easy to publish your work while controlling access to your knowledge network. Check out a demo public graph.

Connections with Meaning

Links are great, but connections are better. RamSync lets you add descriptions to your connections. In a connected knowledge base, connections have just as much meaning as the individual notes. Use text or emojis to label these relationships and make your graph visuals come alive!

Tags, Icons, and Colors

Do you like visuals? We do too. Tags, icons, and colors give you limitless options for organizing your thoughts visually.

Create rich networked visualizations with RamSync
Categorize notes for the ultimate organization

Rich Text Editing

With a complete rich text editor, copy in from Microsoft Office or Google Suite! No code or markdown is needed. For those wishing to go deeper, RamSync offers HTML editing of notes as well.

RamSync integrates with your workflow and easily copies from and to other editors like Word

Secure & Private

We believe in privacy and data security. Your notes are yours. We don’t scan, copy, or intrude on your data. Your notes are also yours to download at the click of a button.

RamSync: Safe and secure

Dark/Light Themes

Ideas wait for no one. With RamSync you can connect your ideas at any time, day or night, with modes for dark or light.

Visuals, your way!

Built Flexible on a Graph Database

The first easy-to-use digital Zettelkasten. Enable deeper learning and creativity. Built on top of our powerful Graph Database, RamSync technology gives you unmatched speed and flexibility.

RamSync is the friendliest graph database interface around